How to Trade on DCFX MT4 App?

How to Trade on DCFX MT4 App

Step 1

Open your “MetaTrader 4” application
If you haven’t logged in yet, go to “Settings” button and click “New Account”
Click “Login to an existing account”
Login by using your DeuCalion client account

Step 2

Enter “DeuCalion” on the search column

Click “DeuCalion-Demo” to log in to your Demo account
Click “DeuCalion-Real” to login to your Live account

Step 3

Enter your login information by using your account number at DCFX and your MT4 password

Please keep your password confidential

Once completed, click “Sign in”

Step 4

To start trading, go to “Quotes” button

Click (+) to choose the instrument to trade

Step 5

Choose the Instrument’s Category to trade

Click the instrument to see details of the products

For example: If you choose the Forex category, just click “(+)” on the instrument, then click “Done”

Step 6

Go back to the “Quotes” page

Click on the instrument to trade

Click “Trade”

Step 7

Set your Stop Loss and Take Profit

Then choose between Sell or Buy

Step 8

Check your order at the “Trade” page
To close your position, click on the instrument, then click “Close”
You have learned how to trade at DCFX MT4!

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