How to Trade at DCFX MT4 on Desktop?

how to trade at dcfx MT4 on Desktop

Step 1

Open Your MetaTrader4
on your desktop
if you previously logged out of
your account, then login first
by entering your Login ID and

Step 2

To start trading, go to View
Then, click Symbols

Step 3

Manage the instrument
your desired,
by setting Hide or Show
on each Product Category:
Forex, Metal, Futures, and Stock

Step 4

All your instruments desired will
be shown on the left side.
To open the position,
Double click on certain
Example: EURUSD

Step 5

The order page will be shown,
Set your Volume
Set Your Stop Loss and
Take Profit
Choose between Sell and
Buy, Then click one of them
to continue.

Step 6

Your order has been
successfully executed.
On the Trade tab,
you will see the running
order list.


You have learned how to
trade in DCFX Desktop.

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