How to Install and Open DCFX MT4 on Desktop?

how to install and open dcfx mt4 on desktop

Step 1

Open DCFX Website
if you previously logged out
of your account, then log in
first by entering your
mobile number or
email and password.
Click the Trading to continue

Step 2

On the Trading Page,
Click MetaTrader4
Then, choose your need
Download Mac OS or
Download Windows

Step 3

After choosing the download
button and download file
is ready,

Then, click the Download File

Step 4

Click Run to continue,
Then, click Yes on the User
Account Control Page.

Step 5

Click Next and wait until
the process is done.
Then, click Finish to continue.

Step 6

Deu Calion Futures MT4
Terminal will be opened
Choose the Account Type:
DeuCalion-Demo : If you
have been registered Demo
Account in DCFX
DeuCalion-Real : If you have
been opened “Live Account”

Step 7

After choosing the Account
Type, Click Existing Trade

Fill in Login and Password
refer to the Email you received

Once, you have been
Registered and Open
Live in DCFX,
you will receive a Notification
for Login ID and
Password MT4 information
PRIVATE and issued to Account
Holder only.


Let’s start your trading
with DCFX on the MT4 Platform.

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