How to Install and Open MT4 on DCFX App?

How to Install and Open MT4 on DCFX App

Step 1

Go to iOS AppStore or Google PlayStore

Enter “MetaTrader 4” on the search column

Download and install the MetaTrader 4 application

Step 2

Open the Meta Trader 4 application

Read the terms and conditions

Once completed, click “Accept”.

Step 3

Click the menu button

Go to “Manage Account”, and click “+” button

Click “Next” to continue

Step 4

Click “Login to An Existing Account” and login using your DCFX client account

Click “Next” to continue.

Step 5

Enter “DeuCalion” on the search column

Click “DeuCalion-Demo” to log in to your Demo account


Click “DeuCalion-Real” to log in to your Live account

Step 6

Enter your login information

Please login by using your account number at DCFX and your MT4 password

Please keep your password confidential

Once completed, click “Sign In”


You are ready to start trading with MT4

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