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How to Trade on DCFX MT4 App

How to Trade on DCFX MT4 App?

Step 1 Open your “MetaTrader 4” applicationIf you haven’t logged in yet, go to “Settings” button and click “New Account”Click “Login to an existing account”Login by using your DeuCalion client account Step 2 Enter “DeuCalion” on the search column Click “DeuCalion-Demo” to log in to your Demo accountorClick “DeuCalion-Real” to login to your Live account Step 3 Enter your login information by using your account number at DCFX and your MT4 password Please keep your password confidential Once completed, click “Sign in” Step 4 To start trading, go to “Quotes” button Click (+) to choose the instrument to trade Step 5 Choose the Instrument’s Category to trade Click the instrument to see detail…