How to Deposit on The DCFX Desktop?

how to deposit on the dcfx desktop

Step 1

Open DCFX Website
Click Login to continue

Step 2

Login by entering your
Mobile Number or
Email Address and Password
Click Next to continue

Step 3

In the Account
Management Page,

Click Deposit to continue

Step 4

Enter the Nominal at
the Amount Column.

  • The minimum deposit is $200
    Click Next to continue

Step 5

Select your Bank
Account to deposit
your funds
Click Next to continue.

Step 6

Check the information in
Deposit Advice,
If the information is correct,
Click Next to continue

Step 7

Do transfer the fund
within 30 minutes
Make sure of transferring to
DCFX Segregated
Bank Account only
PT Deu Calion Futures

Step 8

Upload the Transfer Proof,
Then Click Done
to continue.

Step 9

Deposit Application has
been submitted and
The deposit will be credited to
your account.

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