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how to deposit on the dcfx desktop

How to Deposit on The DCFX Desktop?

Step 1 Open DCFX Websitewww.dcfx.co.idClick Login to continue Step 2 Login by entering yourMobile Number orEmail Address and PasswordClick Next to continue Step 3 In the AccountManagement Page, Click Deposit to continue Step 4 Enter the Nominal atthe Amount Column. The minimum deposit is $200Click Next to continue Step 5 Select your BankAccount to deposityour fundsClick Next to continue. Step 6 Check the information inDeposit Advice,If the information is correct,Click Next to continue Step 7 Do transfer the fundwithin 30 minutesMake sure of transferring toDCFX SegregatedBank Account onlyPT Deu Calion Futures Step 8 …