How to Trade on DCFX Desktop?

how to trade on dcfx desktop

Step 1

Open DCFX Website
if you previously logged out
of your account, then log in
first by entering your
mobile number or
email and password.
Click the “WebTrader”
to start your trading.

Step 2

Click on the “Instruments
you would like to trade.
Then, choose between
Sell” or “Buy

Step 3

Choose Type of Trade:
Market or Limit order.

Market: Trade with current
price on the market
Limit: Trade with price
that you desire

Step 4

Set the Trading Volume.
Set the Stop Loss and
Take Profit.

Stop Loss: The price at which
a trader will close
the trade and take
a loss on the trade.
Take Profit: The price at which
a trader will close
the trade and take
a profit on the trade.

Step 5

Once an order is completed,

Click Buy or Sell,
Then confirm it.

Turn on the QuickOpen button
without getting open trading

Step 6

Click the Position button
to check all your current

To close your order, click on
the instrument.

Step 7

Click Close or X sign
Then, click Confirm
Turn on the close position
option for closing order by
one click “X sign.


You have learned
how to trade in DCFX Desktop !

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