How to Deposit on DCFX App?

Deposit DCFX

Step 1

Open your DCFX Apps, and Log In by entering your mobile number or email address and password.

Click menu button on the top left side then click “Deposit”

Step 2

Select or fill the nominal at the “Amount” column

Minimum Deposit is $200

Click “Next” to continue

Step 3

Select bank account to deposit your funds

Click “Next” to continue

Step 4

Check the information in Deposit Advise
If the information is correct, click “Next” to continue

Step 5

Transfer the fund within 30 minutes
Ensure the transfer is only made to DCFX Customer Segregated Bank Account, “PT Deu Calion Futures”
Upload the Transfer Proof
Click “Done” to continue


Deposit application has been submitted and the deposit will be credited to your account within 30 minutes.

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