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how to install and open dcfx mt4 on desktop

How to Install and Open DCFX MT4 on Desktop?

Step 1 Open DCFX Websitewww.dcfx.co.idif you previously logged outof your account, then log infirst by entering yourmobile number oremail and password.Click the Trading to continue Step 2 On the Trading Page,Click MetaTrader4Then, choose your needDownload Mac OS orDownload Windows Step 3 After choosing the downloadbutton and download fileis ready, Then, click the Download File Step 4 Click Run to continue,Then, click Yes on the UserAccount Control Page. Step 5 Click Next and wait untilthe process is done.Then, click Finish to continue. Step 6 Deu Calion Futures MT4Terminal will be openedautomatically.Choose the Account Type:Deu…